Monday, June 13, 2011

First review for Nightmare At Camp Forrestwood!

5.0 out of 5 stars Nearly all teens will recognize themselves and their high school, giving a great context for the mystery, June 12, 2011
Charles Ashbacher "(" (Marion, Iowa United States( - See all my reviews
(TOP 50 REVIEWER) (VINE VOICE) This review is from: Nightmare At Camp Forrestwood: A Young Adult Whodunit (Paperback) This mystery with mayhem set in a camping outing for high school students has all the atmospheric background for the teen reader. There are intense cliques among the boys as well as the girls, with the girls trying to get with the cool guys and the guys trying to pair off with the right girl.
Holly is a new student at Madison High, she moved there with her mother after her father died and their feelings are still raw. As seems typical of high schools with cliques and clubs, the only person that befriends Holly is Erin, an outcast girl that wears the same worn out clothing every day and has some hygiene as well as motivational issues.
When the senior class camping trip comes up Holly's mother encourages her to go in order to better fit in. Desperate to have at least one friend on the trip, Holly begs Erin to come on the trip. Even though she is reluctant to admit it, Erin is pleased to come along and is angry when Holly talks to another girl.
It all descends into desperate chaos when one of the tougher girls is found stabbed to death and the adult chaperones are missing. The story involves the usual scary camp stories of crazy people that are cannibals, the actual sex between a teacher and a student and the usual complex interplay between athletes, scholars, girls with superior attitudes, misfits of both sexes and every other level of personality that one finds at a high school.
Young readers will recognize their school atmosphere and most likely themselves somewhere in the group of personalities thrown together for a night of terror at a remote camping site. For some, the most frightening aspect will be the fact that one of the rules of the camping trip was that no camper could bring a cell phone.

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