Sunday, April 17, 2011

New author Emily Hale - In need of a publisher

New author looking for a publisher (will be a bestseller)!

The Bully Effect is a fictional story about Amy James, a girl who teamed up with a divison of the government's witness protection program after being bullied severly. The book is Emily's now #1 Most read book in Farmington Junior High. Teens from all different cliques and groups have read this book, and shown strong apriciation for it. Emily has even started saving up the money to have her book published! The book is about more than just bullying, it's a book about second chances, friendship, and courage. Even Emily's friends have definatly recognized changes in the bullying at their school after teens read it. Emily's classmate and friend, Courtney Howard says, "I think it's made a difference by showing people how wrong it is to bully people, and in my opinion it's made bullying go down, like people have stopped bullying as much as they use to." And Courtney is not the only one. Deaven Hunter, another classmate, said she actually cried while reading it, "Do people actually bully like that?!" She asked Emily. The answer is yes. 77% of students at other schools said they had been bullied. And 14% of those who were bullied said they experienced severe reactions to bullying. Still people are reading the book, and maybe soon, the whole U.S. will be(: This book has been read by more of Emily's friends than her other books such as Where The Road Ends.

Writing update

I am now 100 pages into Summer Shack, my third novel.  Things are going great so far.  Finding the time to write has been a challenge lately, but hope to get back into it and write more after Easter.  Still waiting on the first proof of Nightmare At Camp Forrestwood.  Outskirts Press has been editing the book and I realize that pushes production back.  It is three months today since production started.  Sudden Moves took 2 1/2 months.  Should be hearing something at any time now.  Can't wait for this one to come out and hopefully I will get as good of a response as I did with Sudden Moves!